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Fuck Yeah LCD Soundsystem

LCD Soundsystem may record again

After a much-publicized breakup, LCD Soundsystem may reunite—if only for one track. Frontman James Murphy told The New York Times that the group’s been asked to cover a song for an upcoming movie. The director, who Murphy won’t name, asked the group personally, and everybody “seems to want to do” it.

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Aziz Ansari crowdsurfing at LCD Soundsystem’s last show

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Reggie Watts and James Murphy talking collaboration on a 7” single

"James and I might be doing a single sometime soon," Watts, the anarchic, musically inclined stand-up comedian, explained. "It’s still 60 percent loose, but he seems down to do it and I think it would be fun to work with him. That would be great." Yes it would! And when might this collaboration come to light? "I think it’s going to be a seven-inch single with a remix on the other side. I would be the vocals and we would probably be doing some kind of a cover. I’m going to guess sometime next year, early next year, or maybe — he’s a fast dude! Maybe he’ll turn one around."

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"No Love Lost" (Joy Division cover) | LCD Soundsystem

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James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem is glad he didn't get to write for Seinfeld from WBEZ on Vimeo.


James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem is glad he didn’t get to write for Seinfeld 

This is the best story from the entire interview: If 22 year old James Murphy had never confused Seinfeld with the Garry Shandling Show, LCD Soundsystem may have never happened.

True story.

Full interview can be heard on the Sound Opinions Podcast

Listen to the MP3 Stream of this show: (link)
Download the Podcast: (Download the MP3)

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McLovin doesn’t know shit…

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LCD Soundsystem Final Show

[New York, NY; 04/02/11]

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